The Artform of SEO

Whilst 80% of your customers research products and services online, only 25% go to the second page of search results, making your search ranking more important than ever. The key to driving organic growth, and therefore your search ranking, is creating high quality, relevant SEO copy.

Some think that the secret to ranking well is following SEO’s technical guidelines, whereas others believe that creativity is key, but for content marketing to really provide results, it needs to hit the sweet spot between technical SEO and creative, personality-fuelled copywriting.

There are few disciplines that combine creativity and logic in this way. Being able to interpret data and shape it into a message that meets the marketing objectives of the business and also embodies the essence of the brand is not a simple task.

SEO is a marathon, not a sprint. It takes patience, preparation and occasionally pain to get it right. But when it’s right, you benefit from higher ROI at a lower cost, increased website conversions, and brand awareness and engagement. High performing SEO content can easily achieve the same, or event better results than investing in GoogleAds. With gentle tweaks and ongoing monitoring, you can see marginal gains that result in a sustainable site not driven by Ads and in turn not draining your marketing budget.

The art of SEO lies in creative writing powered by data insights; so unlike traditional copywriting, it requires expertise in market research, keyword analysis, on-page SEO, conversion rate optimisation and sometimes even basic HTML training. The SEO optimisation process includes establishing customer personas, mapping the user journey, conducting keyword research and doing competitor analysis before you even begin crafting your copy. With results visible over time, SEO requires continuous investment and can be a arduous process for in-house marketing teams.

We know how vital improving search traffic and website performance is to your business, which is why we’ve introduced data-driven SEO content creation and insights to Moth Marketing’s services. Powered by Searchmetrics, we help you maximise search with our services including detailed recommendations, complete content renovation, and monthly site checkups, all based on the latest SEO trends, bespoke to your businesses audience and it’s competitive landscape. Our services scale with your business, providing you with optimised content that’s relevant, actionable, and that will resonate with your audience.

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