Brand Resilience: How to Bend not Break in times of Uncertainty

The marketing world has changed. Businesses from all industries have changed and it’s clear that the COVID-19 crisis will be affecting our lives long after 2020. The crisis marketing and knee-jerk reactions we saw from brands back in March feel like a lifetime ago, and while it may be an uncomfortable thought, your business now needs to be prepared to adapt to the changing marketing landscape and embrace the ‘next version of normal’. Your marketing activity, voice and brand identity is one of the only things that you can control during these ever-changing and uncertain times, so be sure you craft your brand message to show strength, resilience, and most importantly, sensitivity - we’re all going through something, so let’s just be a bit nice, ok?

Building brand resilience helps anticipate and respond to unforeseen challenges and allows your business to survive in times of fear and uncertainty. Marketing your business’ resilience demonstrates that you’re value-led, adaptable, and connected to the wider world. This not only keeps you top of mind within your target audience, but it also proves that you’re a trustworthy business with real people with personalities behind your brand, rather than a faceless corporation that’s constantly scared of saying the wrong thing. The mixed messages given to us by politicians and the unrelenting confusion and despair at long-term industry changes may have pushed marketing to the bottom of your to-do list, but consider how important your sustained marketing efforts might be to the right audience. Your customers want to hear from you, whether it’s because they value friendly brand conversations, because they now have more spare time on their hands than ever before, or because it’s just nice to know that the entire world hasn’t ground to a halt. And when you have a shared voice and resonate with your target audience, you become much more approachable and relatable - a friendly constant in these times of uncertainty.

When communicating with customers and marketing your business at this time, don’t ignore current events and carry on exactly as you were before, (this can obviously come across as insensitive and tone-deaf; context is always key) but consider how you can reflect your brand message in a way that can have your audience feeling positive, uplifted and motivated to act - rather than our current default of fear and confusion. While the initial stages of the pandemic saw brands rushing to convey the same messages about love, unity, and togetherness, we’re now starting to realise the importance of implementing an agile, long-term marketing plan that can bend with the sentiment of the audience, demonstrating brand strength in the hope that customers are able to mirror this strength in their own lives. And ultimately, be prepared to constantly reassess your messaging and marketing strategy as the world continues to change.

At Moth Marketing, we have the expertise to shape a marketing strategy and brand voice with not only sensitivity and relevance to the ever-changing climate and audience sentiment, but also to meet your business needs in terms of reach, engagement and ultimately lead generation.

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