Is your B2B brand making the most of social media marketing?

If you think social media marketing is only for B2C, then you could be missing out.

The expanding role of digital media in our everyday lives means a thriving digital environment for B2B marketers to explore new and already established forms of online marketing. With the rise of social media and its commonplace in online society, it’s a tool that shouldn’t be overlooked...even by B2B businesses!

With LinkedIn being the most obvious choice for a B2B social network, opportunities remain on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter etc, as each human is unique in their social media preferences nowadays. Increasing numbers of people are relying on the social media platform itself to represent their values, as well as their digital, political and social allegiances. It’s important to realise the benefits of social networks in regards to achieving your marketing goals for your growing B2B business.

First and foremost, they’re a showcase for your brand; a shopfront to display your goods, services and to communicate your brand personality. They enable you to have meaningful interactions with customers and to enhance relationships with existing clients while providing useful discovery tools to access and develop relationships with new ones. In doing so, your posts and pages can gain traction and views, generating positive word-of-mouth and becoming a familiar presence on your target audience’s feed, which builds recognition, connection and loyalty.

Measurable engagement means you can spot trends over time, giving insights into what content customers really value. With regular social media activity, this measurable engagement allows you to understand your audience’s behaviour and preferences through analytics and is one of the main benefits of social media marketing.

You can also use social media as a tool to improve SEO results and increase website traffic. It increases the likelihood of your business appearing in a google search and expands the reach of your posts. With this, you are also able to cement your brand image and brand personality in the minds of your consumers, by increasing the span of your social networks and marketing techniques.

Customers on social media are often some of the most vocal, be it for better or for worse, but are nevertheless crucial to strengthening your position online. Social media audiences also provide a valuable sounding board when trialling new ideas and soliciting opinions. Social media really shines when two-way communication is fully utilised, not only to gather insights but also to show audiences that their opinions are valued. Building opportunities for two-way interactions to enhance engagement into any marketing plan is a key aspect that is often forgotten.

As a growing B2B business, instead of disregarding social media as a tool for gossip, self-promotion and narcissism, consider the opportunities and untapped potential that lie beyond the confines of your ‘go-to’ platform. More businesses and consumers have channelled their energy into their online presence - now than ever - and this requires action to engage, interact and make an impact.

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Photo by Karsten Winegeart on Unsplash